Frequent questions about documents & car hire conditions:What age must l be to hire a car?The minimum age to hire a car is 21 years old, but it also essential to have held a driving licence for 2 full years.

Is there a mileage limit to my car rental?No, you will able to explore the whole island of Majorca without any limitation.

What is your policy regarding fuel?The rental vehicle is delivered to the customer with a certain level of fuel and the Renter must return it with the same level. If you want the option “full-full” you must request it in advance and leave a deposit of the corresponding amount. If you do not return it full then you will have to pay the difference plus a 20€ re-fuelling fee.

What deposit must l leave for my car hire?No deposit is required.

Am l allowed to take the car from Majorca to other islands or to the mainland?No, with our rental vehicles you can only move around the island of Majorca.

Must l change the name on my booking if someone else will be the driver?Yes, it is essential that the driver’s name appears on the rental contract and so, if necessary, you must change the name when picking up the vehicle.

Rental periodWhat is the minimum or maximum rental period of a vehicle?The minimum rental of any of our vehicles is 3 days, and the maximum is 30 days. If you wish to rent the vehicle for more or less time, please contact us.

How are the rental days counted?The rental period of one day is considered from 8 am to 8 pm on the same day. The rental period includes the first and last days. In the event of non-compliance, the lessor may take possession of the vehicle without prior notice, the Lessee must pay a day or several extra days depending on the recovery thereof by the Lessor.

What are the steps to follow should l wish to extend my reservation?Should you wish to extend your contract, you should contact your designated booking office by phone or email. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours before the end of your contract date.

Information about your reservationHow can l make a reservation via the website?Step 1: If you are a registered customer of PROTURCARS, log in with your username and password, otherwise register.

Step 2: Select the Group of vehicle you wish to rent, adding all the extras you need.

Step 3: In case of airport pick-up, please indicate in the field "Flight No." your flight number and estimated time of arrival.

If you are a member of Protur Club, please indicate in the field "Observations" your membership number and we will apply a 10% discount to be deducted at the time of collection of the vehicle.

How will l know that my booking has been confirmed?You will receive a confirmation by email at the email address you provided.

What should I do if I don’t receive a confirmation email?The first thing is to make sure that you introduced your email address correctly. Next, check in your Spam mail (unwanted mail). If you have not been successful with the first two options, you should contact Customer Services on the numbers provided.

It is possible to make a reservation for the same day?It is not possible to do so online. You should contact the office where you’d like to collect your vehicle.

Is it possible to choose the model of my hire vehicle?We guarantee the exact model as long as the selected vehicle indicates “guaranteed model”. If this is not the case, a vehicle of the same model, similar or one belonging to a higher category will be delivered.

How can I request an invoice for my reservation?To make this request you must write an email to indicating the tax information of the person or entity in whose name the invoice should be issued. You will receive your invoice by email within a maximum of 7 business days following the request. In your email request you should indicate the contract number.

Is it possible to change or cancel a reservation?To make any change to your reservation, you must send an email to or contact our Customer Services numbers and indicate the change you wish to make.

To cancel your reservation you must do so by email ( No refund will be made of any amount unless the cancellation is due to force majeure such as natural disasters, wars, attacks, death or serious illness affecting the rentor or family members. This request must also be made to the email address indicated above.

What kind of cover is included with my car hire?It includes compulsory and voluntary civil liability up to 50.000.000€ per claim, including driver and occupants, except in the event of any prohibition described in section 1 of the conditions of the contract, as well as those described in the section "Not covered by the insurance" in Terms and Conditions.

Where do l collect my vehicle?In the email that we send confirming your reservation, we will indicate the place where you should collect our vehicle. In your reservation you can specify the collection office that is closest to your destination.

Does the vehicle have all its documentation? What should l do in case of loss of documentation?The rental contract is your documentation.

At what time can reservations be made?You can make a reservation through our website 24 hours a day or you can phone our Customer Services offices that are open from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm

What should l do if l get a fine? Are there any extra charges?Payment should be made during the rental period, if not you will receive a notification at your home address with all the necessary instructions to make the payment. You must also take into account that our general contracting conditions stipulate that for identification of the driver and management of the sanction, a charge may be made.

Do I have to make a pre-payment when making a reservation through your website?It is not necessary to make a pre- payment at the time of booking, but it is highly recommended.

How do I get to your offices when I arrive at the airport?You can request to collect your car at the airport or from any of our offices.

How can I pay?Should you wish to pay on spot you can do so by cash, debit or creditcard (Visa or Mastercard only)Should you choose to prepay when booking, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Any posible refund will only be realized on the original payment card.

Can payment be made in currencies other than the euro?Our rates are displayed in euros, and through a currency converter they can be changed into any other currency. Payment in another currency is only available via credit card (VISA or MASTER CARD). If payment is in cash, only euros will be accepted.

How do l use a promotional code?If you have a promotional code, you must enter it in the “promotional code” box that appears while you are making your reservation. This will then be taken into account and the corresponding discount will be made.

What to do if I don’t have flight number?Details on flightnumber and estimated arrival time are mandatory in case of airport pick up

Contracting Supplementary & Optional ServicesIs it possible to add another driver to the contract?You can add another driver to the contract. This can be done in our offices when you collect the car.

Do you rent out child seats? What is the cost?Yes, you can rent child seats at a cost of 5€ per seat per day.

Do you offer a collection service at the hotel?Yes, if you are staying at one of the points on the island near our offices, you can collect and return the car in the hotel at no additional cost.

Can I add the supplementary services when I arrive at the office?It is advisible to do so when making your reservation to ensure availability on arrival, but if you have not included them you can do so at the office. This will be subject to availability.

What does the Protur Pack include?For a small sum of money, we will certain contingencies that are not covered by the insurance company:

-Additional driver-Loss of the rentalc ar key-In the event of an accident or breakdown we provide you with transport from the place of the incident to the hotel, with the prior authorization of the lessor, The transportation of the vehicle to our garage is covered-As a result of a mistake made in filling up with the wrong fuel, we cover the damages that this causes to the vehicle and its transportation to our garage.